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  1. Sc Kgomotso Sebopela mccj Says:

    i watched the video of the servant of God BTS Daswa. it is remarkable. indeed. There is no doubt, Daswa led a gospel life. he is a champion of the poor and the most afflicted. one of my brothers here in the community watched the video several and told me that no one can watch that dvd and still remain the same. Vho-Daswa’s life changes hearts.

  2. Bro. Clifford Joseph A Canilla Says:

    May I ask for the address (mailing & email) of SOG Daswa’s Postulator. Thanks!

  3. Fr. Augustine O'Brien MSC Says:

    Watching the DVD of the life of Benedict Daswa brought back so many memories of my early days as a missionary in the Sibasa area. I have special memories of Benedict…….there was always something special about him….now I know what that special thing was. I feel priviledged that I was the one that poured the waters of Baptism on his head, when he became a child of God. Never did he waver in his committment to God and the Church.
    I have his prayer card in my breviary, so each day he is with me in my prayer.

  4. Louis Colca Says:

    I was wondering if I might be able to obtain from you a relic and/or holy card of Servant of God Benedict Daswa. Next month, I am bringing a few of my relics to my parish church for veneration after Sunday Mass and would like one of him. Also, on March 19, 2012, I am hosting a St. Joseph Altar in my home and would like to display his relic for veneration by my guests and help promote his cause for beatification.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance that you may offer in honoring this request, and may God Bless you.

    Louis Colca
    444 E. Medical Center Blvd. #1314
    Webster, Texas 77598

  5. federico Says:

    Quisiera solicitar una reliquia del Sierva de Dios, Daswa Benedicto. Como puedo hacer para tener una? Muchas gracias.


    Vorrei tracciare un profilo del Servo di Dio sul settimanale diocesano La Fedeltà. Vi prego di spedirmi articoli e brevi biografie IN ITALIANO, insieme ad una sua immagine nitida che consenta la riproduzione tipografica.

    Vi prego di spedire il tutto al mio indirizzo: PETTITI GIANPIERO – REGIONE CROSIA 354 – 12044 CENTALLO (CN) – ITALIA

    Grazie anticipate. Gianpiero Pettiti

  7. William Keevers Says:

    There is an online newspaper article at . A link titled “Man who battled witchcraft may become saint” is currently featured on the American news aggregation website

  8. Toni Rowand Says:

    what I appreciate about Benedict is the fact that he was a normal, person, a regular family man, husband, father, brother, son apart from being a teacher and community leader. Through his example and his integrity he is also a perfect example for other families in the area. We hear about his mother, what about his wife and children? They must have been devastated by his brutal murder and frightened for their own safety. What a story! Toni Rowland, MARFAM and SACBC Family Life Desk.

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